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Understand the premise of crisis negotiation. Recognize elements of successful crisis negotiation. Apply common crisis negotiation terms.
Move beyond basic verbal commands to actual problem solving dialog with persons in extreme crisis.
Training in hostage survival is geared towards educating those individuals on how to survive a hostage taking event.
We teach you to become more effective listeners which in turn will make individuals better officers, report takers, and overall better communicators. This can aid in the reduction of officer complaints and possibly in some instances even use of force issues.

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During all the years that our consulting business has been in operation, we've been helping organizations of all scales achieve qualitative results... Here are a few organizations that we've helped achieve their goals.

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Recent class in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

Great PATC phase 1&2 Crisis/hostage negotiation class in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. SWAT Officers from Idaho, Washington, and Montana. Beautiful area too

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The horse, or Knight, is a traditional symbol of special operations and signifies the ability to influence all types of conflict. The knight chess piece is, the most versatile on the board. It can move in eight different directions, and over obstacles. The lightning bolts represent communications and the ability…

Suggested CNT Monthly Team Training Topics Lt. Mark Lowther (Ret)

Role Play Training Case Study Guest Instructor…PTSD, mental health, etc. Negotiations Using Robots Talk from cover. can be done just with CNT or as a joint training with SWAT move with shield etc. Sovereign citizens/extremist groups Practical exercise with SWAT Intel gathering and situation board management Equipment setup and operation Hostage…