Counseling Without Conflict

We teach you to become more effective listeners which in turn will make
individuals better officers, report takers, and overall better communicators.
This can aid in the reduction of officer complaints and possibly in some instances
even use of force issues.

Counseling without conflict uses proven communication skills used by police hostage negotiators and applies them to leadership in the cooperate world.

“Counseling without Conflict” means:

Understand each person is different, with different motivations, skill sets, levels of knowledge and capabilities; know how to establish contact with each.

Know who and when to order, plead, cajole, threaten and relieve and is willing to do so to accomplish the mission.


Effective Communications:



Be able to take a group of individuals and weld them into an effective team. Team dynamics are critical to mission success.


Lead, Guide, Direct the Accomplishment of the Mission By Effectively Communicating Intent and Ensuring Process

We help you apply proven police tactics to solve real world organizational problems