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We teach how to use different communication strategies to face risk situations and find solutions that involve the least damage to people and property.


Crisis Hostage Communication

Training on in-depth overview of communication skills, both conversational speaking and active listening will be discussed. Recognize the value of effective communication in crisis negotiation. Apply the principles of the behavioral influence steps. Recognize barriers to effective communication. Apply basic communication skills to crisis negotiation.


Hostage Survival

Training in hostage survival is geared towards educating those individuals on how to survive a hostage taking event.


Verbal De-Escalation

De-escalation should be used whenever possible but used at the officer’s discretion based on the totality of the circumstances. Achieving effective communication goes a long way toward slowing things down, and history shows that if we can slow things down, many situations are more likely to end peacefully.


Counseling Without Conflict

We teach you to become more effective listeners which in turn will make individuals better officers, report takers, and overall better communicators. This can aid in the reduction of officer complaints and possibly in some instances even use of force issues.

"I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for making the trip to Denver and teaching our employees some great skills and to really get them to be aware of many things during their negotiations. You did everything we were wanting. In fact, Felix is wanting me to start working on a 2nd class for a bigger group and will be reaching out to you on dates once I get that rolling."

Jessica Coffrey

JR Butler


Negotiators Main Job

26 Jul 2018

“A negotiators job is to bring calm to the chaos” But….what about the negotiator? We work on building rapport and then…Suspect commits suicide SWAT kills suspect HOSTAGE IS KILLED! As negotiators we are trained to deal with hostage taker/barricade suspects in two ways. 1 Build rapport and influence change in the suspects behavior 2 manipulate…

Measures of Progress

26 Jul 2018

Since the introduction in the 1970’s of negotiation as a tactical option in law enforcement responding to crisis and hostage incidents, it has been vital to understand how to measure progress in negotiations as it greatly influences the decision-making process of command and that of other tactical options. Through the analysis of case studies, it…

Latest Crisis/Hostage negotiation class

20 Jul 2018

The ideal timing for planning an exit strategy is at least 5-10 years beforehand. That kind of a diligent approach is proven to help you in accumulate as much of an assets as possible, whilst taking their price to the highest level possible, for a future sale. But unfortunately, that kind of diligent approach is not always applicable. So how does a CEO or an owner in a hurry can perform a quicker exit strategy, say in 1, 2 or 3 years?

About Mark Lowther


Lt. Mark Lowther is a US Marine Corps veteran. Mark retired after 24 years of service with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office (Ogden, Utah). His background is varied and diverse. He has served as a SWAT hostage negotiator for a major portion of his career.

He was named by the Utah Tactical Officers Association as the 2012 Crisis Negotiator of the year.

Mark has served as a public information officer, watch commander, patrol precinct commander, and court security services commander. Mark although retired from full time law enforcement, continues to serve as a part time deputy sheriff and maintains Utah Peace Officer status

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