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Great Training Day!!!

By Alma Rodriguez | 24 Nov 2020

Great Training Day!!! Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute Instructor Mark Lowther, training over 300 officers, over three days in De-Escalation and Crises Communications in Gatlinburg, TN! More training opportunities.

Listen to My Podcast on Negotiations Ninja

By admin | 24 Dec 2019  December 2, 2019 SUMMARY Mark Lowther returns to the podcast and is kicking off a series of discussions about the good, the bad and the ugly in negotiation. Mark’s sharing his career successes but also those situations that didn’t go well. This is a great, honest, real and intense conversation about what it takes…

PATC negotiator course


By admin | 14 Oct 2019

Great PATC negotiator Phase 3 certification class in Indianapolis. Officers from Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. 

Recent class in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

By admin | 15 Aug 2018

Great PATC phase 1&2 Crisis/hostage negotiation class in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. SWAT Officers from Idaho, Washington, and Montana. Beautiful area too

About our Logo

By admin | 2 Aug 2018

The horse, or Knight, is a traditional symbol of special operations and signifies the ability to influence all types of conflict. The knight chess piece is, the most versatile on the board. It can move in eight different directions, and over obstacles. The lightning bolts represent communications and the ability to strike anywhere with speed.…

Suggested CNT Monthly Team Training Topics Lt. Mark Lowther (Ret)

By admin | 26 Jul 2018

Role Play Training Case Study Guest Instructor…PTSD, mental health, etc. Negotiations Using Robots Talk from cover. can be done just with CNT or as a joint training with SWAT move with shield etc. Sovereign citizens/extremist groups Practical exercise with SWAT Intel gathering and situation board management Equipment setup and operation Hostage situations in buses or vehicles…

Negotiators Main Job

By admin | 26 Jul 2018

“A negotiators job is to bring calm to the chaos” But….what about the negotiator? We work on building rapport and then…Suspect commits suicide SWAT kills suspect HOSTAGE IS KILLED! As negotiators we are trained to deal with hostage taker/barricade suspects in two ways. 1 Build rapport and influence change in the suspects behavior 2 manipulate…

Measures of Progress

By admin | 26 Jul 2018

Since the introduction in the 1970’s of negotiation as a tactical option in law enforcement responding to crisis and hostage incidents, it has been vital to understand how to measure progress in negotiations as it greatly influences the decision-making process of command and that of other tactical options. Through the analysis of case studies, it…

Latest Crisis/Hostage negotiation class

By admin | 20 Jul 2018

The ideal timing for planning an exit strategy is at least 5-10 years beforehand. That kind of a diligent approach is proven to help you in accumulate as much of an assets as possible, whilst taking their price to the highest level possible, for a future sale. But unfortunately, that kind of diligent approach is not always applicable. So how does a CEO or an owner in a hurry can perform a quicker exit strategy, say in 1, 2 or 3 years?

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